Revealed: Chelsea Tried to Sign Creative Brazilian Forward

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Brazilian winger Robinho was quite a star back in the early start of the 21s century. And for all the immense wealth that South American forward could boast of, that is saying something.

Robinho had taken charge of scoring goals and breaking ankles during this time at Real Madrid. However, his time at the Santiago Bernabeu was drawing to a close and it was widely speculated that Robinho would go to sign for Premier League giants Chelsea.

However, things did not pan out that way. Chelsea’s direct Premier League rivals Man City freshly revived thanks to the oil fields of the middle east, swooped in and scooped the Brazilian forward Robinho up. And he has now revealed to FourFourTwo the reason why his move to Stamford Bridge failed.

He starts off by making his intentions, at the time, clear.

“I wanted to go to Chelsea, Scolari told me that I could make the difference for him in the team.

“However, Real Madrid ended up badly with them, they didn’t like the way that Chelsea sold shirts with my name on them before the deal was done.”

It looks like the botched deal was the Blues own doing. Were a bit too reckless and jumped the gun.

“I am sure it was this that led to the negotiations to fail, and it was a case of pride for Real Madrid. They were also reluctant to let me move to a club that was playing in the Champions League that season. Chelsea were, but City wasn’t.”

But Robinho does not regret to playing for Manchester City.

“I moved to a great club, and they welcomed me in the best way. I had one-and-a-half years of joy in Manchester, despite the city being a lot colder than Madrid!

“I don’t regret leaving Madrid, but I am sorry that it ended badly when I went.”