Chelsea £120,000-a-week star refused €35m move to Barcelona

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It’s always a little strange when these kind of stories appear months after the transfer deadline passed. It does make you wonder what the player or his representative are seeking to achieve.

Sport claims that Chelsea’s Brazilian forward Willian turned down an offer to transfer to Barcelona in the Summer. It does appear that La Liga giants offered €35m to Chelsea, but it was the player who decided to be loyal and stay.

It’s also worth noting that Willian’s contract finishes at the end of this campaign, so it might be a method of keeping his name in the press. It’s not clear if he’s attempting to use this as publicity to get a new Chelsea deal or find a new club.

It would make some sense if this was him attempting to guilt trip the Blues into giving him another deal. It’s almost like he’s saying he stayed notwithstanding the turmoil and transfer ban at the club, so he requires everyone to know he made some kind of sacrifice to support his team.

It could also be an effort to appeal to new clubs by showing how faithful he was and the calibre of team that was interested in him.

Either way there must be some kind of purpose behind it all for his camp to leak this story now. He turns 32 next Summer and it’s reasonably well known that the Blues don’t like to hand out significant new agreements to their players once they pass the age of 30.

He’s been a great servant for Chelsea over the years, but a great decision will need to be made soon. He can start to discuss terms with foreign clubs from the winter, perhaps he’s hoping that Barcelona still want to join him.