Arsenal identified former club star as an ideal replacement for Unai Emery

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It must be pretty hard for Unai Emery just now. Managers will claim they don’t read the press or attend to speculation, but it would only be utterly naive if he didn’t feel his job was under threat.

There’s a bigger problem for Arsenal than just getting weak results on the pitch. The supporters are starting to get restless, and there’s a danger they might begin to lose interest if the club continues to nosedive into mediocrity.

One of the best methods to combat this could be to bring back a club legend, one who was one of the main reasons they were so successful under Arsene Wenger and someone who knows how to win.

Patrick Vieira didn’t set the heather alight during his job in charge of New York City FC, but he’s gained a lot of fans for his work as manager of Nice and might even be in a position to take the next stage.

According to a report from talkSPORT, Julien Laurens has touted him as the ideal replacement for Unai Emery and one the club will consider. Laurens is well respected as a pundit and usually makes excellent points, so it shouldn’t just be seen as the usual nonsense from the English press.

He made the following remarks on talkSPORT’s Hawksbee and Jacobs show:

“I think we’re still far away from Unai Emery leaving the club and having to find a replacement, but if and when it happens Patrick Vieira will be on the shortlist and rightly so.

“This season they are 12th in the table but only two points from fourth place in a tight Ligue 1, so there have been a lot of good things Vieira has done.

“He’s learned a lot since arriving back in Europe from New York City FC in the United States. I think he will certainly feel ready for this kind of challenge.”

One of the key points to pick up there is his comments about Emery; it doesn’t seem like his sacking is imminent so he might even stay until the end of the campaign at least.

It really shouldn’t be the case when a considerable club hires tacticians, but you could be forgiven for thinking that Vieira certainly couldn’t do any worse. When you add in the fact he’s Arsenal legend who would at least get the supporters onside, the board should undoubtedly consider him as the next manager of the club.