Arsenal and £90,000-a-week player can’t agree on new contract

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Jack Wilshere’s future remains in serious uncertainty after the midfielder revealed there had been no progress between him and the management over a contract extension.

It’s been widely announced that Arsenal have offered him a hugely incentivised deal which would see him benefit less in terms of his basic salary but with the potential to grow his overall take-home pay through appearances and achievements.

Clearly, his fitness problems have informed this offer, and previous week Arsene Wenger more or less said that the club’s management had gone as far as it was willing to go.

“The decision belongs him to, you know,” said Wenger. “At the end of the day, you have to respect the decision of the player.

“Our desire is clear, is expressed, is numbered, and after that the player has to find satisfaction as well.”

“Things have changed since then and all I can tell you is that we are no closer to sorting anything out,” he said.

With less than four months remaining on his current contract, it seems like more and more distinctly possible that English midfielder will leave the Gunners this summer.