Adam Lallana hails the importance of Liverpool fans in the tittle race

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Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana has said that the fans are ‘immensely important’ in their race for the Premier League title.

Speaking to the club official club official website ahead of Saturday’s win Bournemouth, the 30-year-old said:

“They [the fans] are immensely important,

“It’s probably not just us they can have an impact on, it’s probably the opponents too,”

“I’ve played at grounds where it can feel intimidating and the noise is that loud and they’re getting behind the home team,”

The Merseyside Reds Premier League dreams have been dented after with two back-to-back draws against West Ham and Leicester City meaning Man City have reclaimed their spot at the top of the table.

Calling back to the 2013-14 title challenge, the 30-year-old midfielder has admitted to keeping tabs on Liverpool’s games and being taken aback by the season where his side has been on the verge to claim the title.

“The atmosphere at Anfield in that run-in was epic. You just wanted to play for that team, in that team at that ground. It would be great if we can get similar atmospheres and a similar vibe around Anfield, during the warm-ups… they do really act as a 12th man.”

Liverpool have one game behind and sit second in the Premier League table with only a goal difference between the defending champions Manchester City.

Meanwhile, the Merseyside Reds will face a tough test in Champions League as they face Bayern Munich and it could harm their chances to reach success in the domestic competition.