£80m-rated urged to make January move to Arsenal

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Ex-Premier League centre-forward Darren Bent thinks Crystal Palace attacker Wilfried Zaha must have had his heart set on a transfer to Arsenal this summer. Bent claims Ivory Coast international is a Gunners fan and discusses why the potential move makes sense, even if he doesn’t know if the deal will be revived in winter.

It looks likely that Arsenal no longer need Wilfried after signing Nicolas Pepe in his position this summer, though the Eagles forward was still on their agenda even after the signing of his fellow Zaha. Chelsea have also been linked with the 26-year-old winger and could do with an attacking player of his quality to replace Eden Hazard.

Ivorian star would be a target for the Blues at nearly £80m this winter if they get their transfer ban lifted, so they’ll be hoping the player is open to other offers other than Gunners. Still, on Zaha transfer saga, Bent said: “He handed a transfer request in now, whether that’s a transfer request in because he wanted to go to Arsenal.

“With Gunners only putting up £40m, he was never, ever going to get to leave for that price. Arsenal’s the team he supports, it’s in London, probably wouldn’t have to move house, all these things come into play. “What happens at the end of the season or even in January, I do not know.”

Zaha joined Crystal Palace from Man United in 2015 with a €4m deal. He is one of the best forwards in the Premier League and a real leader of the club.